Kabinett & Kammer Booksigning & Pop-Up – coming September 26th


Saturday September 26th

Book Signing:  1:00pm to 3:00pm
Pop Up Shop: 12:00pm to 4:30pm

Here are some of my favorite photos from the book

Stay tuned for more details….but here’s what is important right now

1.  You can pre-order signed books from Hammertown.  Kabinett & Kammer books are $35.00.  Makes it so easy for you and us with pre-order.  Just let us know what you want the book to say.  Call pre-orders to Joan, 518-751 0655.  It will make an amazing holiday gift to friends who love design.  It is one of my all time favorite design books. I was lucky enough to receive a signed advance copy from Sean. Take a sneak peek with me…

2.  Sean Scherer, proprietor of Kabinett & Kammer and author of book, will be doing a pop up in the Gatehouse in Pine Plains. Antiques will be for sale. The first hour of K&K’s pop-up shop will be reserved for those who have pre-ordered the book.

3.  Foreword by Anderson Cooper.  Sean helped design Anderson’s West Village apartment (Formerly a firehouse).  To quote Anderson: “Sean helped us create a home that spoke to the history of the building-And our own Personal histories.”

4.  Such a good read.  I loved the introduction.  Sean grew up in Miami in the 70’s and 80’s and he explores how his upbringing and surroundings are part of his design sensibilities.

5.  Sean is a art history professor, so intellectually how he approaches design is fascinating.

6.  I loved following the journey …from young child, to student, to designer, to teacher, to one of the most soulful and creatively inspired people I know.

7.  Great quotes in the book…

“Styles Come and Go.  Good Design is a Language, not a Style.”
– Massimo Vignelli

8.  “I also wanted to emphasize the modernity of the utilitarian pieces I favored: objects and furniture that people had made in their barns for specific purposes and uses. They weren’t intended to be artistic, but simplicity combined with practicality…plus years of use…had transformed them from the ordinary into the extraordinary.” –  Sean Scherer

Example:  An old anatomical chart is a perfect example of raising the ordinary to the extraordinary.

9. You can learn from this book…design idea, inspiration, and how to bring the soul of you into your home.

10.  Mirror Mirror on the wall…who has the fairest collection of them all?  Sean loves mirrors and I love mirrors. They are a fabulous part of the creative mix of your home.

More reasons to come and/or buy this signed book to follow.  I can’t say enough fabulous things about this book.  Whether your style or not, it is a visual treasure house of inspiration and love of old!

Hope to see you at this amazing event we are hosting.

CLICK HERE to pre-order the book now!

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