Virtual Design Consultation: It REALLY Works!

Virtual Design Consultation: It Really Works

Over the years Hammertown has developed quite a fan base with clients visiting all over the country (and the world). Friendly faces who return again and again while visiting family or driving through on their way to some other destination.

Many of these customers left with a copy of Joan’s book, Love Where You Live, which profiles her home as well as a host of others. The homes reflect the liberating Hammertown Design philosophy centered around finding your own interior style by creating a layered and rich aesthetic filled with things you love while rounded in good design and rooted in an authentic sense of place. Inspired by both our stores and Joan’s book, we have received many requests for interior design help from afar. These virtual design consultations seem even more relevant as we hunker down and spend hours and hours within the walls of our houses and apartments.

While this may seem a challenging task, technology is an amazing tool. Between FaceTime, photos and an industrious client with a tape measure, these virtual consultations can be amazingly fruitful. What’s more, with the ability to deliver to locations within 5 hours of our stores, Hammertown’s reach extends farther than one might think.

Summer Sunroom before…needed something more!

Last year, I was fortunate enough to work with a client who lives in PA but travels north to VT for summers and holidays. She frequently stopped at our Rhinebeck store on these trips to and fro and wanted to get some Hammertown juju into her Vermont house. With photos and room dimensions in hand and a briefing from my client about her aesthetic and hopes for the various rooms, the process began.


1. After receiving room dimensions and a general budget I sent my client three layout options and two mood boards with furnishings to consider.

Started with some basic ideas for a floor plan

Here you can see the process we navigated to fill the sunroom with furnishings that reflected her eclectic and traditional style.

This board starts with a Pippa Sofa in Everest Mulberry

We eventually decided on the Pippa in Amalfi Cream and went from there.


2. Kate chose a layout and furnishings were selected (all in-stock and ready to go) and delivery for everything arranged.


3. Install and delivery complete and a summer sunroom was now ready to be lived in. It’s that easy!

Oh…and what did our client, Kate, think?

“Now more than ever I want my home to be a source of comfort and beauty. I first met Joan on a weekend day when I was driving from my home in Bucks County to my recently purchased second home in Vermont. I stopped in Pine Plains for a quick shopping trip at the barn. It was teeming rain. And, I didn’t have a raincoat. I fell in love with everything that Hammertown offered. Sofas. Tables. Rugs. You name it, they have it, and I wanted it all. I’ll never forget Joan insisting I borrow her raincoat so I could make it back to the car safe and dry. That’s who Joan is. Kind. Warm. Brilliant.
Within a few weeks I met virtually with Dana. I sent photos and floorplans and she understood instinctively what I wanted to achieve. Everything flowed from there. From afar she developed a plan, moodboards, and various options for furniture. She’s a master at this! I couldn’t be happier with the results and I continue to be amazed at what Dana and Hammerown can do from a distance. Now we’re working together on the house in Bucks County! When I think of my home the way I want it to be, I think of Hammertown.” – Kate

If you are so inspired and want to give it a try, I am offering complimentary 30 min FaceTime consultations. Let’s see what we can do together.

Email to get the ball rolling. The importance of home is paramount these days as is maintaining human connections. To that end, our Hammertown family would love to help you Love Where you Live.