Make Your Bed (Mom was right!)

If you follow us on Instagram (@hammertownbarn) you probably noticed us launch Make Your Bed Week this past Sunday. As we all struggle to find solace and peace during these challenging times, completing this one simple task can help in so many ways… it just looks good!

And if you don’t believe Mom…you can certainly believe the author of this book, retired 4-star Admiral and former Navy SEAL, Admiral William H. McRaven.

Click here to listen to his commencement address on this very subject at Univ. of Texas.


1. You start your day the right way…..with an accomplishment.
Making your bed allows you to walk out of your room each morning with an task already checked of your daily to do list.

2. It’s Mindful. Yes, that’s right, not mindless, mindFUL.
The simple, mundane act of making your bed allows you to clear your mind and get ready for the day ahead of you. In essence you are forced to live in the moment, a mindfulness muscle you will need throughout the day.

3. It cultivates self-discipline.  
Making your bed requires you to make the choice to complete the task. It can be  so easy to just move on with your day and leave your bed unkept. Choosing to make it is an exercise in controlling your mind and will help you complete tasks throughout the day. From similar tasks like doing the dishes or watering the plants, to more essential ones like preparing for homeschool or getting work done, making your bed sets a tone for the day. It says, I am in control and am making good choices. Now that we are all staying home, these tasks take on new importance.

4. It is calming and aesthetically pleasing.
A made bed simply looks better than an unmade one. It is pleasing to the eye and can aide in bringing a sense of calm to your day.

Emily Henderson

For bed-making inspiration we have been posting glorious rooms all week on Instagram. Here are some more images as well as this link to an informative post by design blogger Emily Henderson with some clear guidelines for designing a great bedroom “story”.

AND REMEMBER, if you would like help from our design team, email dana@hammertown to set up a FREE FaceTime Design Consult. Sometimes all it takes is one new pillow and some shifting of bedding and the whole look transforms.