Hammertown Gets a Shout Out from Houzz Contributor & Design Writer

I recently got a call from Becky Harris, a lead writer/contributer at Houzz.com (a popular website and online community about architecture, interior design and decorating, landscape design and home improvement.) She called me to compliment us on our newsletter and how we approached the ongoing corona crisis and was particularly impressed by our focus on  our community and others –that  it was first and foremost for Hammertown. She went on to tell me what a fan she is of Hammertown stores, my book and our newsletter. What a wonderful compliment to Hammertown and the community of people who work for our company. So proud. She followed up with this lovely note.

Thank YOU Becky!

Here is a link to the article she wrote for Houzz Magazine.

By the way, you can still purchase signed copies of Love Where You Live right here on our website.