The Importance of Home in Coping with COVID-19

How often have you said to yourself “Is it just me or ______?” — you can fill in the blank with any number of questions about your own state of mind. Usually, we’re deeply preoccupied with something that affects us personally…as individuals…but in this moment, it’s different. We’re all stressed and worried about the very same thing; not just as a family, or a community or even a country. This worry…this fear…is global and it’s palpable.

Aside from World War II, I don’t think many of us have any memory of experiencing anything like this before. This is uncharted territory and all of us are trying to learn how to deal with it.  We turn to friends, television, newspapers and social media to get clues about the best way for us to stay calm because, as medical professionals tell us, stress and fear are almost as dangerous to our health as the virus itself.

So, going forward here on our blog, we’re going to share with you some of the things my family, my staff and I are doing to “keep calm and carry on”. Be sure to also check out our Instagram page!

Unsurprisingly, I find incredible comfort in my home.  It’s a good thing, too, because I’ve been self-quarantined since I got back from France 🙂 The only time I can escape is when I take Etta out for a walk on the walking path near my home. Thankfully, there are very few, if any, other people out there.

My Daily – a walk with Etta!

One of the first things I decided to do was to replicate the chicken bone broth our hosts Sharon and Paul served us when we were in Provence. It was SO delicious (and it’s incredibly healthy) I just had to figure it out.  It all started with a delicious roast chicken. You can see the recipe here!

My daughter, Dana, also found some wonderful things to do with her daughters while they were cooped up. She was kind enough to write a nice blog on it (click here to see it).

Dana is knitting a sleeveless cotton top for Evie

Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten to see Dana, or my son Gregg’s family, yet. I’m especially excited to see Gregg and Brooke’s new baby, Evie, as she’s grown a lot since I left.

We also asked our staff to share some of the things they’ve been doing to stay occupied and you can see some of those ideas here.

Here’s one of the first things I got from one of our staff. Apparently, it went so viral on the internet Oprah Magazine mentioned it.

So…keep coming back here to our website and if you haven’t already, subscribe to our Newsletter. You can also follow us on Instagram. We’d like to hear from you too about what YOU’RE doing to cope…all ideas are good as long as they are helping you get through. Think of it as virtual group therapy!!

PLEASE stay safe. Practice social distancing; wash your hands frequently; use hand sanitizer; try not to leave your home unless it’s necessary; no big dinner or cocktail parties; be aware of people who might be medically compromised already and avoid exposing them to unnecessary risk.

After all, though the phrase has been used too much lately…it’s true: “We ARE all in this together.”

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