Roast Chicken & Bone Marrow Broth

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Here is the story of how I made it from the notes I took while watching Paul make it at Marston House in Provence. So healthy and good for you!!


  • It all starts with an organic chicken that you roast in the oven.  I love Mark Bittman’s Roasted chicken recipe (CLICK HERE TO SEE) After you carve the roasted chicken, you immediately take a medium stock pot (I used a 3 or 4 quart saucepan) and place all bones, carcass and other bits that are not served with the chicken.  It all goes in the pot.

  • Put enough water in to cover the bones.  Place on low heat, cover and let it brew.  And, you can also add any leftovers, skins , etc.  If I have leftover chicken when the soup is ready, I serve that with the final preparation of the soup.
  • Leave the pot on low heat, and try not to bring it to a boil…not necessary.  At the end of each day, I refrigerate the pot.  In the morning, it is likely that when you place the pot on the fire for the day, you will see a film form on the stop of the stock.  Gently spoon off top of the stock or tap it down with a paper towel and you will see the fat has collected.  By doing this everyday you stock will be clearer then if you did not do it.
  • Heat the pot over the course of about three to four days.  The stock will be gelled each morning when you remove the lid before starting the heat for the day.  Again, you can add water each day if the bones are exposed.
  • After three to four days of cooking, heat the stock until stock liquid.  Place a second pot on the kitchen work surface and pour the stock from one pot through a strainer into the second pot.  Pick through the meat if you want to find little pieces of chicken that may have been leftover into the pot, although it’s pretty hard to pick through the mess. I just put some of my leftovers from the roast chicken into the stock.  No skin in final stock.  You can compost the bones after they are cleaned.

  • You now have some stock and meat in the pot.  Add vegetables…this is what I added:
  • small red onion, cut into chunks, small leek, cleaned and cut into thin slices, two or three celery stalks, green leaves included cut into thin slices, three or four carrots cut into thin slices and salt to taste.  Simmer this mixture, very briefly as it’s good when the vegetables are not overcooked.  Each day you might be heating up leftover soup and the vegetables will soften.

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