Our latest Make-Over Began Last Fall

There are many Hammertown clients who could say that their love affair with out stores began with a trip to one of our summer Tent Sales.

Last August, during the final hours of our Labor Day event, we met some new customers who had recently purchased a weekend home in Hurley, N.Y.

This is what the home looked like when our clients purchased it.

They had visited our Rhinebeck location and loved the Hammertown style. Considering they had a large, empty house to furnish, our staff there urged them to take the 30-minute drive to Pine Plains, where we were in the final hours of our biannual Tent Sale. It was here they bought the first few pieces for their new home and decided to schedule a design consult with Drew and myself.

The old media room felt dated and cluttered…

Flash forward three months…

Thanksgiving is on the horizon and the house has been transformed from a dated 90’s contemporary to a modern Hudson Valley home–and all on a budget.

AFTER: Wow! What a difference

From paint and lighting schedules to design plans for the living and dining spaces, we were able to partner with the homeowners to make this house into their new HOME. The pictures speak for themselves, but here  is a rundown of our do’s and don’ts when furnishing an empty home.


1. Try not to get overwhelmed. Start with the rooms and items you want to use right away and fan out from there.

  • For this home we began in the shared living spaces and moved on to the bedrooms and smaller rooms from there.

2. Keep the paint schedules as simple as possible.

  • Unless your style dictates otherwise, we suggest keeping your palette as neutral and simple as possible. This is especially true in a house like this one with many different angles and lots of windows and doors. For this home, we chose a tried and true favorite, Light Pewter (1464) from Benjamin Moore for most of the rooms. Walls, ceiling and trim were all painted this color with a shift in finish the only difference. This palette worked incredibly well. The only other colors used in the home are Iron Mountain (all doors) and Templeton Gray (walls, ceiling and trim in powder room).

3. Spread out the budget and spend more on the items that will have the most impact.

  • Invest in the pieces you know will be seen and used the most and save on items that have less of a daily impact. In the living room we purchased a Franco Sectional, coffee table and two Fala Leather lounge chairs from Hammertown and went to a less expensive source for the wood shelving (Target!) keeping the budget in check. (see below)

4. It’s all in the mix.

  • I think all of us at Hammertown agree that the best interiors are built around a mix of styles and that one should approach design with an open mind. There are surely some rules to follow, but ultimately if you LOVE something then you can find a place for it in your home. In this case, we tried to incorporate as many antiques and character pieces as was possible and the owners plan to continue collecting over time. For now, the few pieces we did place really helped make the interiors sing!

5. Always remember Hammertown design services.

  • It is never a mistake to invest in getting help making the important decisions. Ultimately, the decisions you make will feel more solid if you have a professional on your side to advise. We are here to collaborate and help you develop your own style and make good choices.

To learn more about our Hammertown Design Services, click here. If you’re ready to schedule a consultation, just email joan@hammertown.com!

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