Aegean-Inspired Kale Salad

Escapism suits me right now with all the insane news. I was reading in Vanity Fair Meghan and Harry are living a quiet life outside of the UK in Canada…lots of hiking, playing with Archie and cooking – Meghan’s Classic Kale Salad (VF included a link to it on her now-defunct website) and you know I’m a sucker for Kale Salad! This one sounds great. So, here’s to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their new life!


  1. Remove kale stems and cut the bunches into long, thin, ribbon-like strips.
  2. In a big bowl, whisk extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, chopped shallots, honey, salt and hot pepper flakes together to create an emulsified dressing.
  3. Add your sliced kale and chopped dates to the dressing.
  4. In a dry pan, toast almonds over medium heat until they turn a golden color.
  5. Add toasted almonds and grated/shaved Kefalograviera or Parmesan cheese to salad and give it a good toss, mixing all the ingredients together.