The Perfect Gift to Honor a “Best Friend”

It’s Doggie Portrait Time Again at Hammertown

I’m sure anyone who has visited our Hammertown stores have noticed the beautiful, large animal photos by renowned photographer, Val Shaff, that grace many of our walls. What you might not know is that every so often Val offers you the opportunity to have her create photographic portraits of your own pets.



Portraits with black background are $600
for a 12″ x 12″ canvas piece.
I love these canvas transfers in this size as you’re not limited to hanging them on a wall…you can display them on a table, a mantel or shelf.
Photos will be taken in the Main House at Hammertown Barn on NOVEMBER 23rd!
Val will work her magic and have the final product ready for pickup before Christmas!  
To schedule & arrange payment 
for your pet’s sitting or if you have questions
contact Val directly by DM @valshaff on Instagram OR
call her at (917) 209-4337  
Sign up early as we expect a good response!!


Val’s uncanny ability to capture the soul and character of large and small animals alike is extraordinary! Trust me, these photographs will be a valued family treasure. Every time I look at Val’s photographs of my dearly loved (and now departed) golden retriever, Abby, it brings an instant smile to my face. And my little Etta (below) has sat for Val a few times!

Etta’s getting her previous Val Shaff headshot updated. She thinks her fur will look fabulous against a black background!

Read more about Val’s large animal photography and what inspired her to become a photographer of living things here on our blog.

click here to see more of Val’s dog photos on her website. You might even recognize some of the dogs’ celebrity owners!

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