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View from Monument Mountain

Fall is the most amazing season for hiking in our little corner of the world! The air gets crisp and the views clearer; the foliage is bright and crunchy; and apple cider donuts are plentiful for after-hike rewards! I often go hiking after work or with a slightly impatient toddler (usually strapped to someone’s back) so I always have a couple trails on my hiking roster that are close, fast and pay off BIG TIME with a gorgeous vista.

Lions Head Trail in Salisbury, CT

This hike is pretty short, with a nice incline but plenty of spots to take a water break. The top of the hike offers two options to get to the peak- you can scramble up a steep (but manageable) ascent or you can take the round about way (adds less than 5 minutes) that is less intimidating. I would say that this hike takes 2-3 hours (less if you’re very motivated, I’ve done it in less than two!) and the vista has plenty of space to sit and snack and take photos! Its pretty at every time of year but the views above Salisbury and Sheffield at this time of year are so amazing!!  https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/connecticut/lions-head-trail

Monument Mountain in Great Barrington, MA

I have hiked a lot. It is my absolute favorite thing to do. I’ve hiked the Cascades, I’ve hiked the Blue Ridge Mountains, I’ve hiked many a spot on the Appalachian Trail but Monument Mountain is my favorite hike.

There are multiple ways up, one longer and less strenuous, one fast and hard- but the view at the top is mind blowing. If you took one trail up you can then take another down which keeps things interesting. The slower trail is popular for dog walking and is still a pretty walk and good workout even if you don’t go to the top. There are multiple viewing points at the top and you can almost see a full circle view around the mountain. https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/massachusetts/monument-mountain-summit

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