How Much is Too Much

It depends on who you’re asking.

I saw this hysterical sketch on Saturday Night Live last week. As soon as I heard the words “Farrow and Ball”, my ears immediately pricked up because a longtime Hammertown customer, Kent Sublette, is a head writer at SNL.


I don’t know if Kent wrote this sketch, but I thought it was so funny, and for me, even though it sends up the pretentiousness of the homeowner (actually renter), it did make me think about value when painting or furnishing a home. And apparently, the folks at Farrow & Ball were thrilled with the sketch (see here). Comedy aside, I do believe if you can afford it, it IS worth it to spend more to achieve the results you want.

Below are several examples of our interior make-overs using Farrow & Ball paint colouurs  (which we have been carrying samples of for 20 years).

Lots of F&B here: the dining room floor is Pidgeon and the walls are Skipping Stone


Dining Room walls are Slipper Satin (Farrow & Ball). The cabinet is painted Light Grey (Farrow & Ball). Trim everywhere is Simply White by our other favorite paint…Benjamin Moore.


F&B’s Mouse’s Back on walls & ceiling


The walls here are F&B’s Slipper Satin


We love Farrow & Ball (as well as Benjamin Moore). Wanda Furman, who does frequent Hammertown color consultations, is a huge fan of F&B paint. It really is worth the extra money. And it is true, the paint does have more pigment. I painted the Hammertown Kitchen over 8 years ago and it still looks great.

Come visit the Gatehouse as well to see examples of F&B paint.

The walls here in the Gatehouse are F&B’s Ammonite (mentioned in the SNL sketch!) and trim is F&B’s Purbeck Stone


The kitchen in the Gatehouse features F&B Ammonite on the walls and Purbeck Stone on cabinetry


My daughter Dana chose F&B’s Blue Green for her kitchen cabinetry


In my own kitchen I didn’t want white cabinets. I wanted a color that would have more depth than what was on the wall and trim. I wanted the cabinets to have some definition from the walls but not be too dark. F&B’s Dropcloth was the answer!

As I’ve said again and again…your house gets added value with the right choice of colors and/or colouuurs 🙂 and we can help you make good choices.
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Sometimes you CAN judge a book by its cover