Rhinebeck Re-Do – Part Deux

We are giving the love and respect that the Rhinebeck store so deserves, keeping things fresher than fresh. We recently redid the store with some exciting new pieces (Rhinebeck Re-do Part one) and we want to keep the good times rolling.

There was something that was NOT feeling the good times anymore: the rug (which was actually two layered rugs, an enormous oriental and below that a natural fiber rug with a rubberized backing).  This bad girl has been on the floor of the shop since its conception back in 2001.


First, all the furniture was moved so we could remove the old rugs. Once removed we had to give the floor a good vacuum. Then our delivery team and the Foster Flooring crew placed the new rugs.


We used local Foster Flooring to find a series of large rugs that we really liked, that could withstand the heavy foot traffic that the store gets, AND be a neutral backdrop for our amazing furniture pieces.

The last step was reassembling our vignettes on top of the new rugs! We think it looks pretty sharp!

Our new vignette featuring our new Wanda Sofa in Everest Lagoon and the always popular Sloane Sofa in Vivid Saffron…nice!


(click images to enlarge)



Here’s a long shot of the room.

We had a whole team of people tackling this project! The store manager, two Hammertown stylists, our delivery team, and a couple of Foster Flooring guys. We think the result was spectacular!


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