And into our store walked…


If a psychic would have said to me 34 years ago that someday in the future a former First Lady and first woman President (by popular vote) would come to Hammertown to share a glass of wine with you and your friends and would tell you how much she liked your store and design sensibilities…I would have said “OH REALLY? I don’t think so!”

Turns out I would have been wrong because it actually happened this past Sunday. Hillary Rodham Clinton came to visit and oh, what a thrill. She was so kind and warm with everyone; the other shoppers in the store…with our colleagues at work. She went through the whole store.  She was so natural, so interested in what we do at Hammertown and expressed the biggest compliment: She felt the love all around.

Happily we had just gotten in her and Chelsea’s new book “The Book of Gutsy Women: Favorite Stories of Courage and Resilience” and she signed a couple copies.

My friends Bonnie Hundt and Mary Murfitt, Hillary (of course), Wanda Furman (home stylist) and me.

Even though she had just come from a big event in Hyde Park she was energetic and generous with her time. When she first arrived, I invited her into the Gatehouse to look around and have a glass of wine with us. We all just stood in the kitchen talking, sipping and sharing stories like we were old friends…so easy and familiar. SHE WAS TRULY AMAZING. She listens (and remembers) what you’ve shared with her. She looks in your eyes when she speaks to you. She was funny and warm and caring…and…by the way… she looks fantastic!


Bonnie (who is on the Ancram Town Board) was especially thrilled to meet Hillary! Here they are talking “shop”.


I felt so honored by her visit, but more importantly, it felt like we were welcoming a new friend into our Hammertown community.

After she left I kept thinking what a wonderful President she would have been and what we missed.

When Mary was taking the picture of Hillary and me on the bench she asked her “How do keep from yelling I told you so at everyone?” Hillary said when people ask her how she’s doing, she tells them “personally I’m great… but as an American…I’m worried”.  Aren’t we all, I thought!

THANK YOU HILLARY…for being the wonderful, intelligent, warm and gutsy woman you are. You touched all of us and we’ll remember your visit for the rest of our lives!



  • M. says:

    That’s fantastic! Madam President is so lovely and always be my favorite leading lady.

  • Lucie Dean says:

    How lovely that the real President came to call! How different things would be today if she had not been cheated. I’m so glad that she is becoming part of such a wonderful community at Hammertown Barn. It is an amazing place!!!

    Felicitations to all!
    Lucie Dean
    (Laura Hyde’s sister)

  • Ann Marie Pozzini says:

    Wow, that would have made my life if she walked into my store! You gave her a wonderful welcome. Lucky you.

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