Dana Cowin’s “Speaking Broadly” podcast is a MUST-LISTEN!


Well, on my trip back home from Maine, I learned there is!!

Dana Cowin (Former Editor-in-Chief of Food and Wine, friend and long-time loyal Hammertown customer) started this podcast called “Speaking Broadly” on Heritage Radio Network (think NPR for foodies) two years ago. She conducts intimate interviews with brilliant, powerful women in the food world about their lives and careers…their challenges and successes. And, she looks for answers as to how they find meaning in their work and how they overcome failure. All sorts of ideas to explore. So, rather than listen to a book on tape during the 6 hour trip home, I finally listened to Dana’s podcast and I am hooked.

Actually, it was since I broke my ankle this past year that I started getting into podcasts, and I am enjoying them! So, besides listening to the NY Times Daily and books on tape, my new go-to is Heritage Radio Network. Food has always interested me, and although I don’t cook as much as I used to, I love reading and talking about food. It pairs well with my interests…design, creativity, cooking and more. I love the conversation that comes up around food and the connections we all make. It’s similar to a favorite song and the specific memories it brings up. It’s the same with food: Nana’s brisket, chocolate chip cookies, chicken soup and ice box cake take me right back to her kitchen and the wonderful memories are suddenly alive!

Food culture is ever-evolving, and currently, this means that more and more people are considering where and what to eat, with impact in mind. “People are focused on ingredients and where they come from, which in turn touches politics, environment, nutrition, policy, immigration. If you look closely at the food culture, you can see the most important issues of the day. It’s this aspect that inspires me the most. That you can vote for good three times a day when you’re eating,” Dana tells us. Undeniably, action is the most important step when it comes to affecting change, whether deciding where you eat, or how to support your fellow BISHes. As a successful woman with an impressive career, Dana knows the importance of encouraging other women to reach their goals. “It comes down to two words. Do something. We spend a lot of time talking about the problem, describing the problem, but instead of commiserating, we should be acting,” she says. “In the same way that we vote three times a day about our food future, every action we take can help empower women. Realize that no matter how small your action is, a million micro-actions will add up to a movement.” (interview from MissBish.com)

Dana is an amazing interviewer and I learned something new in every podcast I listened to. It made the long trip home seem so short!  Here are a few of my favorite episodes.

You can get “Speaking Broadly” on Heritage Radio Network.org, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher or any other place you usually get your podcasts.

Episode 110: From fan boy and burnt out star chef to dream business partners: Sean Feeney and Missy Robbins
Episode 108: Why Listening is the Best Offense in Activism: Danielle Nierenberg
Episode 107: The Beatles, Saag, and a Chef-Rock Star from Raleigh: Cheetie Kumar
Episode 194: From Intern to CEO of Dave Chang’s Empire: Marguerite Mariscal

Dana also has a fantastic Instagram page!!