My Saturday Tradition: a trip to Great Barrington Farmers Market

Great Barrington Farmers Market
Open 9am to 1pm every Saturday
May through October

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Going to the Great Barrington Farmers Market is a Saturday tradition for my four-year-old son, Declan, and me. Usually his dad is working, so it is our special activity that we do together. We have perfected the art of getting everything we want; sticking to a path and routine that gets us the goods before someone has a meltdown that only a nap can cure (me or him, either is likely).

I like to get to the market early, right around 9 or 9:30, and the first stop is Off The Shelf Eggs for an “Egg All Day” breakfast sandwich. Getting an order in first thing beats the crowd and you can use the wait time to secure other goodies. I eat a lot of food, and within that…I have had a lot of egg sammies. But, THIS egg sandwich wins.

The eggs are perfect (and for sale by the dozen in hot pink packaging), bacon is so yummy (from fellow GB market vendor, Jacüterie), the greens have some sort of delicious light dressing on them and the bun is Berkshire Mountain Bakery (also a GB market vendor), and the onion jam… I’m seriously salivating as I’m writing this. Is it Saturday yet?

While we wait for that eggy piece of heaven we usually head over to the Snow Cones, as it’s almost 10 am and Declan is really jonesing for his first hit of sugar for the day.

“Sugar at 10 am?!?!” is what you’re thinking I’m sure. Yes, it’s a little bit naughty but the summer is HOT and these bad boys have all organic syrup (for sale in bottles to take home also) and super fun flavors which you can mix and match.

Declan tried Pawpaw the other week- I consider it part of the journey to extend his pallet. I tell myself that they are 90% water and he is actually getting hydrated.

By now my sandwich is ready so I grab that and start a loop!

My favorite place to get veggies is MX Morningstar Farm’s booth . They’re certified organic, so I feel happy getting things there that Declan is going to eat…and they have some fun produce. Like these “fairytale eggplants”, so tiny!!

And these very ellipse shaped mini watermelons!

And not so strange but drool-worthy tomatoes!

Next up, I try to get some real food into Declan. If there’s one thing I can say with certainty about my kid its that he loves a sausage. So we head to North Plain Farm’s booth and order a sweet sausage…with absolutely nothing on it other than ketchup. If you’re not a four-year-old you could get a spicy sausage! With crimson kraut! or mustard! The possibilities are endless.

Need a sweet treat? Try the Strudel House


  • Can’t stop thinking about the Crimson Kraut you had on your sausage? Don’t worry, Hosta Hill is slinging kraut right at the market!

It’s been a busy morning at the market and you probably need a little pick me up. No. Six Depot is right by the path to get to Hammertown Gt. Barrington! Get a little zing and come see us at 15 Bridge Street!

If I can’t make it to the market I tend to stare longingly at their Instagram! 

(all photos by Ali Deprodocini unless otherwise noted)