Our Condo Model is Ready…the (almost) final reveal

As our readers know, Hammertown was asked to state the one bedroom model in the new Powerhouse Square Condominium residences in Great Barrington, above the new Berkshire Food Co-Op (see our previous post). Happily, Powerhouse Square is right across the street from our Hammertown Great Barrington location so we were able to get the job done with some good old-fashioned leg work!

Emma Sims-Biggs, Will Clarke, Mindy Brown & Chad Cayea

Kudos to our design team on this job: in-house stylist Wanda Furman and our Great Barrington store manager & stylist, Emma Sims-Biggs . Everything is in except the bathroom mirrors and the drapes. They did an amazing job and we couldn’t be more proud of their fine work!!

Resources: Montage Antiques in Millerton; Caligari Interiors is working on drapes for the space (once the drapes are installed we will add new photos below); and of course furniture and other accessories are from Hammertown.

Our staging story is best told in images so here they are.

The Living Room (before drapes)
Just a reminder of where we started.
The finished bedroom
where we started

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  • Deborah says:

    I really like the clean lines and simplicity of your design and furnishings. Can you tell me more about the night stands in the bedroom? Thanks.

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