A New Breakout Food Star at Hammertown

Our “Color Talk & Luncheon” event last weekend was a big success. We framed our talk around the chapters in the new Farrow & Ball book (which everyone got a copy of). Because Wanda and I love Farrow & Ball paint so much we focused a lot on their colors. It helped that Hammertown Kitchen and family room area are painted with Farrow & Ball colors so we used the room we were in as an example of how I picked the color palette with Wanda.


The Farrow & Ball store in Millerton was so kind to give us gift bags for everyone. Everyone in the class got a copy of the new book “Farrow & Ball: Recipes for Decorating”

The talk went on for over and hour and a half…and it could have gone on even more. It was a lot of fun so interactive and all 22 of the people felt it was extremely helpful. We will be doing one of these again (email me at joan@hammertown.com if you want to be on the list). BUT THE BREAKOUT STAR of the Talk & Luncheon was Julie Wallach’s food. It was simply amazing!

Buffet luncheon is served.



Spring Asparagus, Mint, Pistachio Dukkah




For the past 15 years, Julie has been the chef-owner of two beloved restaurants in NYC: Little Giant and Tipsy Parson. Julie and I met through Hammertown and became fast friends. She’s an accomplished young woman. We would get together regularly and exchange ideas, talk about life and dreams. When I would visit the city we would meet at Tipsy Parson (which she recently closed) for dinner.  I just so enjoyed spending time with this young woman who I respected and admired.  And, I felt even though I’m much older and I was a sort of mentor to her, and knew I could learn a lot from her. After all, I always want to be relevant! Besides being a great chef, her design sense is impeccable.  She’s also a great gardener and…a dog lover. How could we not connect?

So, back in March, when I was home with a broken ankle, Julie came to visit and brought dinner. I was blown away by the healthy and tasty food Julie had made for me. How could she make something so healthy taste so good!?

Several years ago, Julie contracted Lyme disease which led to a series of chronic illnesses that affected her health and quality of life. Eventually, she turned to a Functional Medicine physician for help. A radical change in diet offered relief. Julie’s belief that good health starts with a healthy gut now informs every aspect of her cooking. She focuses on healthful, deeply delicious plant-based dishes with no refined sugar or gluten. Her food is packed with nutrients and bursts with flavor and color. Julie now creates individualized plans to help people whose goal is to eat better and feel better. Whether you suffer from chronic illness or struggle with simply getting healthy food in your fridge and onto your table, she can help optimize your wellness through food. After eating the INCREDIBLE dinner she prepared for me, I was SOLD!

Since she had closed Tipsy Parson recently, I encouraged her this should be her new path. AND, I suggested her first venture should be our Color Talk event. Happily she agreed and let me tell you, the response to her food was AMAZING. No one could believe this delicious food could actually be GOOD for you.

Gluten Free Olive Oil Cake, Rhubarb Compote & Berries and Gluten Free Chocolate Cake with Avocado-Black Cocoa Frosting

There was not a crumb left!


I have also convinced Julie to share some monthly recipes (we’re sharing one of the recipes from the Color Talk Luncheon this week). She’ll also be doing some guest blogging for our website with tips that helped her become a healthier and more vital being. And who knows what else is to come!  You can follow Julie on Instagram to learn more about her.