All About Paint Color – Talk and Luncheon (TALK & LUNCHEON SOLD OUT)


LEARN (about choosing paint colors) EAT (fabulous lunch catered by Julie Wallach of Tipsy Parsons)

Here I go with paint colors…AGAIN!

We are going to have a Color Talk Luncheon in our Hammertown Kitchen (in Pine Plains) on Sunday, April 28th. Wanda and I will be there to have an in-depth conversation on our favorite topic – PAINT COLORS! AND…we’re thrilled to be serving a lunch catered by Julie Wallach…the creator and former owner of Tipsy Parson in NYC. (ALL THE DETAILS ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST)

BUT FIRST– I’d like to tell you about a must-buy book. The book is brand new and from Farrow & Ball and entitled “Recipes for Decorating”.  It appears, I am not alone in my infatuation with paint colors.  New Yorker Magazine did an article on their obsession with the English paint company, Farrow & Ball, and their paint colors.

Paint colors are hugely important in the decorating scheme of a home…in my mind, they make or break it.

Recipes for Decorating, by Joa Studholme (a Farrow & Ball color developer and consultant for over 30 years) provides so much useful information.  As she says in her introduction, “…just as there are many ways to cook an egg, from a simple egg white omelette to opulent eggs Benedict, there are countless ways to decorate a room…When you get the room right, just like the right recipe, it will nourish one’s well-being”.

I can’t rave enough about this book.  It is really the first book that I would call the “Paint Bible”. It covers everything.  There are so many examples of beautiful rooms which help you understand so many things: How to determine whether or not to use the same color on the walls and the woodwork; should the trim be darker than the walls; what about darker walls with white woodwork; how to create the flow of color; considering what kind of light is in the room; and SO much more!

The book is broken down into three general parts (Part One: Case Studies; Part Two: Room Recipes; and Part Three: Colour Solutions).  Part One: Case Studies, for example, features over 13 chapters of very different inspirational homes — from city apartments to country homes. These case studies reveal how selecting the right range of colors can create a harmonious whole in any home.

Photo by James Merrell from “Recipes for Decorating”

There are room recipes: ideas for halls, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and more.  The third part of the book is color solutions which discussed how to choose a finish (glossy, flat, etc); how to attack small rooms; how to deal with big rooms; and many other solutions.

from “Recipes for Decorating”

Trust me, you’re going to LOVE this book. It’s available for purchase at Hammertown.!!

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Wanda Furman, a professional stylist and color consultant, and I will be offering advice and answering questions about how to choose paint colors and other design tips you can use right now in your own home. (click here to see the results of Wanda’s most recent color consultation)

Julie Wallach (former owner & chef of Little Giant and Tipsy Parson restaurants in NYC) will be creating a delicious, nutritious, and colorful lunch. Believe me…THIS is going to be very special. (read more about Julie here)

Sunday APRIL 28, 11:00-1:00

Hammertown Kitchen (in the Main House) at Hammertown‘s Pine Plains location.

FEE – $75 .00
includes Lunch and Farrow & Ball’s new book Recipes for Decorating* (a $50.00 value)
* guests MUST purchase book with luncheon *


SIGN UP EARLY as registration is limited
(click here to sign up and save your spot)