Vintage Sneak Peeks from High Point!!

A sure sign Autumn has arrived is the High Point Fall Market.  The actual market doesn’t start until the weekend but we try to plan well and always come a few days early to shop for vintage things.  Drew and I have been here for a couple days and have already found some wonderful things for Hammertown.

We’re especially excited about the fabulous selection of vintage rugs and vintage rug ottomans.  We have a great relationship with the vendors here and they’re so accommodating in helping us choose just the right vintage rugs to use for the large ottomans that our customers are so crazy about it.

Here’s how it starts….

We’re picking out vintage rugs to create one-of-a-kind ottomans…

Of course, we’ll let you know as soon as we get these!



These are already made up & will be shipping next week!





Vintage Rugs coming to Hammertown soon!

Vintage Round Table



Drew made friends with this adorable bear made by Cisco to show off their vintage fabrics. Aren’t they both cute? Unfortunately, neither one is for sale 🙂



We’re good at planning our shopping trips but sometimes things don’t go according to plan. THE remnants of Hurricane Michael paid us a visit here in North Carolina.  Our hotel as I write this, has no power. In fact, much of the High Point area is without electricity.

So…here’s what dinner in our hotel room looked like tonight.


Hopefully, power will be back tomorrow and we can get back to the Market!

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