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Millerhurst Farm earlier this year with its iconic blue silos is well-known and well-loved by so many
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Last Sunday night our friends at Millerhurst Farm in Ancram suffered a devastating loss. A fire destroyed their cow barn and sadly all but one of their 47 milk cows perished in the fire.

The flames could be seen for miles and was one of the biggest fires Ancram’s Fire Chief, David Boice, had ever seen. In addition to Ancram, 14 other nearby town fire companies came to put out the raging fire. Thanks to their combined effort they were able to save other out buildings, including the farm’s original 200 year-old barn.


Sunday night, within hours of the fire, a local Ancram resident started a Go Fund Me page with a goal of raising $20,000. As of Thursday, the campaign has raised over $106,000. The Ancram Fire Company has also asked for donations for the Miller family (see how to give below).  The response to this tragedy has been incredible. Friends, neighbors and people across the entire country are donating to the Go Fund Me campaign. This Instagram post from Sarah Chase at Chaseholm Farm is a wonderful example of how our local farming community is coming together and encouraging donations as well.

click above to see the post in Instagram with lots of wonderful comments


The Pine Plains Platter down the road in Pine Plains is raising money


SUPER UPDATE: between coffee sales, donations put in the jar and staff donating today’s tips we raised (have a seat please) $1019 for the Millerhurst Farm. Just today! In 8 hours! The donation jar will be out through the weekend, please stop in because, as you see, every little bit really adds up!

UPDATE: Staff has also decided to donate 100% of tips today to the family! I❤️ my staff and my community….



And as far away as Poughkeepsie, Grogger’s is hosting a  Line Dance Fundraiser


Local Albany News Stations
are pitching in too with coverage of the fire




The Miller family has been farming this land since 1770, making it one of the oldest remaining family-owned dairy farms in New York State. I have known the Millers for over 30 years…they were my neighbors when I lived in Ancramdale. Mike’s love of the land and his cows has always been palpable. Emily’s courage in the face of tragedy is remarkable (and her pumpkins, gourds, and sweet corn are the best). Together their commitment to rebuild and go on is awe-inspiring. To that end, I hope our Hammertown community will open their hearts and help this deserving family by giving whatever you can.  Thank you!



please send checks to:
P.O. Box 114
Ancram, NY 12502
(and write “Millerhurst Fund” in memo line)


NOTE: I’m sure there will be many more fundraisers for Millerhurst Farm in the near future so stay tuned!


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