You CAN go home again!

Roundfield in 2010


It ‘s been over 7 years since I sold my “dream” house and property and moved on to finding and following my new dreams.

I currently live in a small, but oh, so special, home, in Litchfield County, but I will always have loving memories of “Roundfield” (first chapter in my book, Love Where you Live).  I have been able to keep in touch with the new owners because (surprise, surprise) they shop at Hammertown 🙂

So…you can imagine how delighted I was to be invited back a few weeks ago on a beautiful summer night.  I knew it might feel strange to go back to my “old” home, but I was ready and at a good point in my life to return to Roundfield for a visit.  And, I’m so glad I did.


The 30-acre Roundfield is still the same…now sporting an orchard!



There are now raised garden beds by the poolhouse


I was thrilled to see the new owners clearly love this property as much as I did and have brought the same respect to the property and the home.  It is a simple, classic (yet modern) farmhouse, incredibly designed by architect Elizabeth Demetriades (Demetriades+Walker).


The front door is the same…the owners even respected the colors I chose.


The side view of the house still has the plantings that Dana and I planted when Lillie was a baby (Chronological note: Lillie now turning 15)


The new owners have maintained the original respect for the land and home that was intended.  The land and the setting itself are the “stars” of this property and the home is its heart, providing a joyful and livable space for family and friends.


The playhouse that Gregg and Ian built for Lillie is still there. Such great memories!


View of Roundfield now.


My biggest compliment to Roundfield and its new owners is that…to me…I really felt like I was going back Home. I settled in and enjoyed the evening with these new friends.  I felt the familiar joy and love and serenity from the property, and I was genuinely happy to be back.


I have to say, I couldn’t have asked for better owners to pass a property on to. This magical place that brought so much love and joy to me and my family is now inhabited by a family who truly cherishes it as much as my family and I did.


Sunset at Roundfield.



  • Marcie Vedelli says:

    Hi Joanie. What a wonderful article and tribute to you and your new/not so new homeowners. Family memories can be bittersweet at times but this is just lovely. Our Virginia home has not fared so well as the town has changed so much. Sending love to you and find memories of times together.

  • Marcie Vedelli says:

    Fond memories. Typing on my phone!!!

  • Paulette Ramsey says:

    I’ve been following your site for a few years. We live in a 200+ house Northern New Jersey striving to keep its charm. Thanks for sharing your story…

  • barbara japal says:

    We are just embarking on exactly the same situation saying goodbye is so much harder especially with grandchildren shedding a tear or two they were 3 and 4 now 18 and 19 and did all the summers, and weekend events, we will apple pick for the last time together from this lovely home, we wish for new owners like yours. Sweet photos
    Hudson Valley memories!

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