Back to Maine for a Wedding & Short Getaway

My dear friend (and chef extraordinaire) Erin French, is getting married this weekend in Belfast, Maine. I was delighted to be invited and of course, wouldn’t dream of missing her wedding. I decided to make a week of it and add a visit to Vinalhaven to spend some time with my lovely friends, Paul and Sharon Mrozinski, before the wedding.

One of the things I love most about going to Maine is that no matter how many times I’ve been, I discover something new.  Hussey’s General Store in Windsor, Maine (who’s tagline is “If We Ain’t Got It, You Don’t Need It”) is a wonderful example.  I had never seen it nor visited it before. I was on my way to Belfast when I saw this sign.  You all know I HAD to stop.


I really thought I had found something new but when I got to Belfast I mentioned “Hussey’s” to my friend (and host) Vicki and she immediately said “Oh yes…guns…wedding gowns and beer”.  Turns out Hussey’s, Maine’s Largest General Store, is already famous.


This place gives “shotgun wedding” a whole new meaning! 🙂

and more…




A visit to dear friends on their special island.  I’ve often spoken here on our blog about my friends, Paul and Sharon Mrozinski.

Paul and Sharon in their shop.

Their new home and shop (Marston House) is now located in Vinalhaven. It’s right on the water and it feels like they’ve lived here for years! They embody my belief that if you love a place you will make it HOME. They, of course, were wonderful hosts!  And for you travelers, as I’ve said before, a Vinalhaven visit is a must (read my previous blog about this amazing island). It feels like a trip back in time. What a wonderful day we had there. I just loved it.

And many thanks to Lynn Karlin for the fabulous photos below!!

So, back on the ferry and to Belfast we went.  As I write this on Thursday night, I’m looking forward to Erin’s wedding tomorrow…I’m sure there will be some tears of joy.  She is so deserving of much happiness and I wish her and Michael a long, loving marriage.

AND…you’ll all be glad to hear, I did some antiquing on my way up and will be doing more on my way home.  So, you’ll see new vintage things in the store soon!!

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  • Paul Mrozinski says:

    Thank you Joan for all you do, your visit, your generous support, your love of Maine, your friendship. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos. P&S

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