We Pulled a Bank Job!!

No…it wasn’t a million dollar bank heist.
It was a make-over design job for the Bank of Millbrook!!


The Hammertown Design Team got a nice surprise this past Winter when George Whalen III, President of the Bank of Millbrook, reached out to us and asked if we would help redesign the bank’s Trust Offices in downtown Millbrook, NY. As the daughter of two entrepreneurs, working with the Bank of Millbrook (also a family business that has been run by the same family for generations) was incredibly appealing. Click here to read more about the Bank’s history.

I immediately wanted to take on the challenge of our first “commercial” job and was excited to help another local business grow and embrace their successes.

Drew and I made our first visit to the Front Street side of the bank in February and met all the wonderful staff who call this office “home”. It was clear there was a lot to be done to make this feel more like the Trust offices of a bank and less like the living room of someone’s dated home.


[click images to enlarge]


George and Meredith Marsh Tiedemann (Senior Vice President & Trust Officer) were 100% on board and excited to make all the changes needed. With quality and economy in mind, we set to work.


BEFORE – The yellow walls were at war with the existing desk units


AFTER – isn’t that better?


First off, the yellow walls and green carpet that were having a visual ‘war” with the existing desk units, had to be changed. I developed a paint plan that would evoke a more traditional look, opting for darker trim and lighter walls rather than keeping the white trim of the existing paint scheme.




Then I spent some time poring over the carpet and window treatment options at Joseph Velletri’s Sons (another local family business in Millbrook). A few weeks later we came back together to view the mood boards (see images below) to get the ball rolling.


It was an incredibly productive meeting. George and Meredith approved everything and the process streamlined from there. Then we got even more exciting news…another room was added to the job! George asked if I could rethink one of the conference rooms at the bank’s branch office, so we got to work on that as well.


Ultimately, I think the before and after pictures speak for themselves. Honestly, the paint made the most dramatic change to the space and the rest was just the icing on the cake.



Most of the furnishings came via Hammertown, of course.  We replaced all the ceiling fixtures and got some great values on lighting from Ballard Designs and Pottery Barn and purchased new desk lamps from Rejuvenation. We did get some lovely floor lamps from Hammertown as well.  We replaced the old green carpeting with a nice wool neutral.


The most exciting part of the job for me was filling the shelves and walls with artwork and decorative objects. As you may have read in my last design post, bookshelves seem to be my 2018 design challenge and I was ready for it.



Thanks to the host of shops in Millerton and Millbrook (shout out to the Millerton Antiques Center, Montage Antiques and The Old Mill of Irondale) we were able to fill the shelves with a curated selection of items that felt authentic to the space and we found a great old map of Dutchess County for one of the walls.





Thank you so much to everyone at the Bank of Millbrook’s Trust Department for welcoming us and working so collaboratively with a fellow local business to make something beautiful and exciting happen!



Joseph Vellettri’s Sons, 3285 Franklin Ave Millbrook – (no website)  845-677-9647

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