WE DID IT – Thompson Finch Will Have “Strawberry Fields Forever”

first published July 2018

(which we haven’t had much of recently)

Columbia Land Conservancy just sent us this message regarding their effort to save Thompson Finch Farm:

“CLC is excited to announce that, thanks to outstanding support from the community and our project partners, we have reached our fundraising goal and will be able to purchase Thompson-Finch Farm and protect it forever. Hammertown was one of the first significant gifts we received for this project, and the challenge match encouraged donations from as far away as California! We are very thankful for the support of Hammertown and its generous customers.”


And I, personally, would like to thank our Hammertown Community for showing up and contributing to such a worthy cause.  Give yourselves a big pat on the back for protecting a beloved family farm and a popular summer destination for local tourism.  We couldn’t be prouder!!  THANK YOU!


According to Thompson-Finch Farm website
there will be good picking until about July 10th.  So, get out there a pick some strawberries BUT BE SURE TO VISIT THEIR WEBSITE FIRST for updates on picking times. (please leave your dogs at home)


The Columbia Land Conservancy does such wonderful and important work.  Please visit their website to learn more how you can participate in protecting our environment and please donate if you can.