Staging a House: Our Design Team to the Rescue



This property was the owners’ first home in the Berkshires. They clearly adored the house, and did many improvements, but as their children got older, and it was no longer a weekend house, they purchased a large home nearby. They kept the house and rented it, but they decided the time had come to sell it. The house had been furnished for renters, and the owners (longtime Hammertown customers) were smart enough to know that if they were going to sell it quickly at a good price they were going to need help.  When the call came our Hammertown Design Team answered and came to the rescue.


According to the National Association of Realtors, for every $100 invested in staging, the potential return is $400


Buyers today look online at everything…meaning this home had to photograph well.  So, Emma, Wanda and I went out to assess the house and the property (which also included a restored barn with an office). Beyond any doubt…this was a “Love Where You Live” home. Beautifully, yet simply restored, all the elements were there: lovely wood floors, simple and functional kitchen, and a very homey layout. The property was truly magnificent!

Our goal was mostly to style the Main House very simply.  The bones of the house spoke well, so we tried to respect that and work with minimal furnishings.


There is a two-side fireplace downstairs that divides the living room and small dining area

Just getting rid of the rug and repositioning the sofa made a huge difference!


Just added a few touches…NEVER clutter  when staging a house!


Here’s a nondescript little den-type room at the back of the first floor…what a great improvement!



Upstairs:  Upstairs we had to style the bedrooms. They needed some Hammertown touches. We wanted to give the home a soul without making it look cluttered.  The few items we chose look like they were collected over time–vintage pillows, blankets and sheepskins.  We kept the bedding clean and simple to blend with the simplicity of the house.


We made the most of this tiny bedroom upstairs with a sheepskin rug and new bedding (and art)



Another guest room benefited greatly from new bedding



The master bedroom — a big transformation!



From Emma:  We were lucky that the home was pretty much empty so we didn’t need to do a ton of editing and removing of stuff.  Wanda and I wanted to keep it simple with neutral colors and simple accents (which is key in staging a home) because buyers need to imagine themselves and their own things in the home. The biggest transformation was needed in the bedrooms and the new bedding we chose made a big difference.




We hope you’ll take a peak at the listing on Berkshire Property Agents website.  It’s a really special property and if you or any friends are looking to buy a house in the country, and this is within your price range, go take a look!  You can get a lot more bang for your buck up here versus maybe a studio apartment in Brooklyn — over 1.5 acres of grounds; a beautiful house; a barn/office (with high speed internet); and that cute little shed-in-the-woods. With so many people wanting to escape the city and having the ability to work remotely, this is definitely worth looking at. Give the listing agent Tim Lovett a call (413-446-0059) or send him an email.





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  • Rebecca You g says:

    Nothing gives me more pleasure than looking at your “transformations”. Such style,
    such elegance and simplicity! Soon I will have to undertake a transformation of an
    “estate” condition Manhattan apartment not touched in 65 years, a gift from a recently
    deceased father-law.
    What joy it would be to consult with you at least a little bit. I hope it might be possible.
    Rebecca Young

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