Drew Evan’s Signature Style: original, eclectic and beautiful

from our Design Blog Archives (first published Nov. 9, 2017)


Drew’s home is a testament to how much he loves design, loves collecting and loves where he lives!

And, because he’s English (I have a theory about many English people regarding design and gardens) he seems to have that gene that makes gardening and decorating simply perfect in the most imperfect way.  No formula…it just happens and I love it.  It all somehow comes together.  Drew’s signature style is warm, cozy and comfy in a modern, funky and industrial way.  I don’t know how he does it.


Dining Table with old jelly cabinet from Hammertown in the background


Hunter Sectional with a coffee table made from a vintage stainless steel restaurant counter with the legs cut off (from a Tent Sale).


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Drew also has this wonderful empathetic quality of getting inside other people’s heads when he is at their homes helping them develop their own signature styles.  In fact, on a recent shopping trip, he saw a beautiful, large antique cabinet.  He stopped and looked at it for a long time and I thought…that’s not something he’d use in his home.  Then he said to me he thought it would be perfect for a client he recently did a design consultation for.  The piece wasn’t cheap but he really thought his client would love it.  He photographed it and sent the photo to the client and she said “I trust you…go for it”.  We bought it and delivered it to our client’s house and AND…it looks perfect in her home…she LOVES it!


Old signage has such a great and mysterious story to it.  This one is from Hunter Bee.



Drew and I often antique together for the shop.  When we find things we just must have, we “treat” ourselves.  I call them keepers because they’re for us, not for the store.  Much of the vintage in Drew’s home are things he’s collected for years, gotten from Hammertown, or from antique shops in Maine and upstate New York.  Sometimes while we’re shopping I don’t understand it. “Really you’re buying this?” I’ll say.  But then I see it in his home and it all makes sense.  His ability to creatively mix such disparate elements for his home really works…it’s amazing.  You just love everything.  I think it’s because it’s part of him and you feel his soul. That’s the key to getting design spot on…it reflects the owner’s soul and spirit.  And, happily for me, he also has a unique ability to do that for our design clients as well.


Old funeral procession flag from Maine, porcupine quills from Ebay, dried allium form my garden, a sawfish bill from Michael Trapp, and a mounted millstone from Elephant’s Trunk–all on top of an antique jelly cupboard from Hammertown.


Nothing says “welcome to the guest room” like a pig skull 🙂


So…you’d be right to laugh when you picture to the two of us antiquing together.  Just imagine the scenario: I’m picking out pretty tole trays, vintage paintings and old silhouettes and Drew’s picking up rusty industrial cabinets, coyote heads and animal bones.  But I have to say, I’ve learned a lot about authentic design from Drew and I think he’s learned from me.  It’s a great shopping partnership. And best of all–we have a blast on our trips!

Enjoy the journey into Drew’s home.


Hammertown Design Team

Photography by Marie Aimi
Stylists: Jessica Churton 
Most captions: Drew Evans


Flowers by Renee Bailey