A Home’s Resurrection: Bringing a Neglected Gem Back to Life

Not all of our design stories are about homes that Hammertown has updated or furnished. Sometimes we want to share stories ​with you ​about homes we have found that have a real soul and a history that I find inspirational…for all sorts of reasons. This is Part One of a story about​ one of those homes.

The woman who owns this home ​had a life-changing experience that led her to rethink her life and her surroundings. Wanting to scale back, she sold a large property (a quintessential farmhouse) and began ​her​ search for something new and​ different. When she saw this house and learned of its history (it was a modular Tech Built house from the 1950s) she felt an immediate connection and could clearly see its potential. ​She said it seemed like the home​ was​ calling for her help. ​ As you can see in the photos, our homeowner is truly a ​spiritual visionary​​ and answered that call.  She​​ was​ also​ very savvy about assembling a​ talented​ team who would make her vision a reality​ and help her bring this neglected gem back to life.




In Part Two we will show you this home’s amazing transformation with more “after” photos that we took today.  We’ll also share more with you about the history and other details of this very special “historic” home.




I get a lot out of visiting these “love where you live” homes and sharing them with you. It not only inspires me (and hopefully you) but it also makes us better at what we do at Hammertown.




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