Two of My Favorite New Things!

It’s a wireless light…it’s a wireless speaker…

Mooni Rechargeable Wander Light & Mooni Opal Speaker Lantern


How cool are both of these lanterns?

Clean Swedish design makes these portable lanterns perfectly suited for indoor or outdoor use. A natural for entertaining.  You can start the party inside and take them out to the patio or pool. In fact, the Wander Lantern can even be floated in a pool…it’s that waterproof! The Opal Speaker Lantern has high-quality sound and can stand up to light rain and splashing. Both lanterns let you select from a spectrum of color options to suit your mood or the surroundings. Convenient USB charging allows you to charge your lanterns anywhere. (Micro USB charger w/USB wall adapters & remote controls are included)

Using the remote you can select whatever color you like…or no color at all!


Opal Speaker Lantern – $99

On display or on the go, our speaker lanterns offer a spectrum of colors and dynamic color modes that give you the capability to elevate an ordinary space to an extraordinary experience. Choose from a spectacular range of color LEDs that are softly diffused through the robust lantern body. Create an even more customized setting when you connect your wireless Bluetooth device to stream your favorite tunes in high-quality sound. Wirefree, charge up your lantern and easily transition from an indoor to an outdoor setting by simply taking your Mooni lantern with you. Convenient USB charging allows you to charge your lantern anywhere in the world.

Waterproof rating: IP45 Water resistant, light rain & splashing.

(8.9″ wide x 11.8″ high)

• Solid – 7 LED colors • Flash – Color transition to quick, consistent beats • Strobe – Color lights dance to the beat of the music •  Fade – Slow gradual color transition • Smooth – Soft color transition



Wander Light – $66

Pursue your wanderlust with the Wander Light.  Lightweight and easy to carry, it can easily go where you go with convenient charge and go capability and a lightweight body. Sleek stainless steel handle adds a modern statement to its organic shaped design. Choose from an array of colors to suit or create your mood. Not like a traditional lamp, Mooni lanterns not only provide illumination, they create experiences that are controlled by you. Select from a spectrum of color options to suit your mood. Having a party? We have dynamic light settings that work perfectly for that. Easily transitions from an indoor to an outdoor space.

Waterproof rating: IP67 Float in a pool, leave outside in the rain, water will not enter.

(8.7” wide x 12.6” high)

• Solid – 16 LED colors • Flash – Color transition to quick, consistent beats •  Strobe – Color lights dance to the beat of the music •  Fade – Slow gradual color transition  •  Smooth – Soft color transition


Here’s a video of the Wander Light doing it’s thing




Mooni was born in Höllviken, a small and lively town located on the sand dunes in the very south of Sweden. It is known as a summer paradise because of its long sand beaches and warm, endless summer days.

Winters are not as forgiving with a sun that sets early and rises late. During these never-ending winter nights you can see welcoming lights appear in the windows and gardens of local residents.

This pearl of a town inspired the team behind Mooni to develop a range of products based on the Scandinavian design tradition that combines form, function and playfulness.  Drawing on the team’s vast experience in areas ranging from design, marketing and sales, to engineering, production and logistics; we have created a modern and lean structure based on respect and taking responsibility.

“We are passionate and we love what we do. We work hard together and we enjoy life together with our friends and family all around the world.”

– Staffan Bern, President and Founder



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