We’re building a Wall…and NO Mexico is not paying for it ๐Ÿ˜€


At the top of the stairs at the Barn…you’ll notice something is happening!

For those of you familiar with this part of the second floor at the Barn in Pine Plains, you’ll wonder why we didn’t do this sooner. This was the glassware section where very breakable things often sat precariously on metal shelves (like those you see the back of in the kitchen section above).ย  If you walked too heavily near the shelving, you could often hear the clinking of delicate wine glasses…it could be a little nerve-wracking. We got tired of tip-toeing around so we decided it was time to build a real wall so we can move the glassware into the kitchen section and make room on the other side to make more room for furniture.ย  The big brown shelving is leaving.ย  As you can see (above) we’ve moved that glassware shelving out of the way to make room for our carpenter extraordinaire, Bob Williams, who will be constructing our sturdy new wall during the next few weeks.

Here we’ve shaded in where the new wall will go.ย  It won’t go all the way to the ceiling…just to the height of the adjoining wall.


We’ll show you the “after” photos when the job and the restocking of merchandise is complete.ย  It will be such an improvement.ย  We can’t wait!


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