A new pick from Joan: Stitch and Story–Knitting Made Easy!!

I love this company…Stitch and Story.  Recently, at the Trade Show in New York, I met Jenny & Jen, two friends who are changing the way crafting is done. These young women went into business for themselves.  They took their passion for knitting and design and created Stitch and Story.  They are based out of London.  Here’s how they tell it:

Our journey began in February 2012 when Jennifer Lam had an idea to ‘throw some wool in a bag with a good pattern and clear instructions’ after struggling to find a good knitting project for herself. With our combined backgrounds in design and publishing we set out to create a product that would inspire more people to learn to knit and emphasise the richness of stories behind handmade products.  Through our kits, we can help more people experience that wonderful sense of accomplishment you get from learning something new – the pleasure of taking time for yourself and discovering your own unique creativity.

Everything you need is in these kits.  There are online tutorials on their website (also on Instagram #yarnmazing) AND the Luca Pom Hat (which we carry…see below) was featured in Oprah’s ’15 Cozy, Colorful Pieces to Brighten Up Your Life This Winter’.  Clearly, these ladies are on the road to success…and now they are also at Hammertown!

Buy online now or in our stores!


Luca Pom Hat Knitting Kit in Stormy Grey with Dusty Pink Pom – $44


Don’t worry if you’re not already a knitter.  The kits have simple to follow directions, step-by-step knitting illustrations, bamboo needles and super soft sustainable yarn.  VERY COOL!


Fingerless Gloves Knitting Kit in Deep Blue Sea (also in Sangria Red) – $34



Baby Fur Pom Hat Knitting Kit in Peach Pink or Baby Blue – $33


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