The New Copake General Store

I want to let our readers know about the new Copake General Store

So, here’s the story.  A new inspiring food place has opened up in the town of Copake, NY.  It’s called the Copake General Store and it’s run by a visionary — Seung Suh — a woman who just knows what she wants to do and how she’s going to do it.  Her soul, her dreams of place and community, and her meticulous taste and spirit are on full display in this venture. Trust me…you’ll be hearing lots more on Copake General…and not just from me!

People wonder (even me, the queen of doing something very improbable in a tiny town) how it’s going to work. Well, everybody, let me tell you it’s working. Even in the sleepy months of winter, Copake General (which opened just a little over a month ago) is holding it’s own — which is no mean feat!!  The reason, in my opinion, is Seung’s place is so spirited, so special, and the food so amazingly delicious!  They serve fabulous breakfasts and lunches as well as great comfort food to take home!  I’m telling you, you will taste and feel the love.  I’m giving Copake General Store 5+ stars!!

Be sure to visit CGS’s Instagram page…you’ll almost be able to taste the photos!!

If you haven’t visited CGS yet, there’s a Tea Tasting event coming up this weekend.  It’s the perfect excuse to make the trip to Copake and stop by and experience the store yourself.  You will love it.  And be sure to tell Seung that Hammertown sent you!