Instant Pot | Multi-Cooker…what’s in a name?

I had never heard about an Instant Pot® until this past Thanksgiving!  I usually don’t consider myself out-of-the-loop on cooking trends. Even though I don’t cook as much as I used to, I am always reading up on what’s happening with kitchen products because I want to be aware for our blog and our customers. So shame on me!

So, what is it about this “multi-cooker” that is getting so many people on the bandwagon? It seems to have a cult following thanks to “its many super powers”.  I was too late to order them for the stores for Christmas…and everyone was sold out by the time I tried in mid-December.  So over the last couple of months I’ve been investigating.



During my holiday break in Maine, I spoke with my friend Vicki, who happens to own the best kitchen store in Maine and is a fabulous cook.  Of course SHE knew about it!  Basically, she said it was several appliances in one: a slow cooker, a pressure cooker, a rice cooker, yogurt maker, and that it was electric.  The scariness of a pressure cooker is gone (because it’s electric and has a timer that turns it off, so there is no chance of explosion).  It’s hands-off freedom so you can do other things while food is cooking.  Once ingredients are prepped you just put them in the removable stainless steel insert, drop it into the cooker, choose the program you want to use, set the timer and let it do its thing. It has a saute function so it browns, it makes rice (and risotto), it slow cooks, it steams and it’s a fearless pressure cooker. So, instead of finding space in your kitchen for 3 or 4 appliances, here is one. No wonder city mamas love it so much!

The other thing Vicki told me was that Instant Pot® is a brand name, but there were actually other brands of multi-cookers out there she felt were better.


click image above to see video about the Fagor Multi-Cooker


She suggested I get the Fagor Lux™ Multi-Cooker.  It was tested and named “2017 Best of the Test” by Good Housekeeping. It comes up to pressure 15 minutes faster than the Instant Pot, and, because Fagor has been in the pressure cooker business for many years, the seal is superior, which makes for a better pressure cooker and slow cooker.  And, the Fagor Lux™ Multi-Cooker was also endorsed by Cook’s Illustrated.

So now that we know, we will be following this craze at Hammertown and learning to master this pot.  Vicki gave me a Fagor Lux™ Multi-Cooker for Christmas. I brought it to our Hammertown Kitchen so we have been taking the pot home and trying it. As we do this, we’re going to pass along our favorite recipes and ideas as we get more comfortable with it.

The first recipe we’re posting (today) is a soup Auntie M made on her first attempt (check it out: Simple Lentil and Sausage Soup).  She tells me the Fagor was easy to use and made a deeply flavorful and hearty soup!


I’m sure some of our readers here already know about the Multi-Cooker Craze and have recipes of your own. We would LOVE IT if you’d share your recipes and experiences here with us!!

I am hoping, as we hone our skills, that we might even have a lunch/class in our Hammertown Kitchen showing how to use it and eating the delicious results.  Stay tuned!

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