2018…inspirations, hopes and plans for the coming year

Etta…always an inspiration to me! She knows how to get cozy, take some time in front of the fireplace and just DO NOTHING but be in the moment! My guru!

As usual, I took off for Maine right after Christmas to get a little R&R and some inspiration. (I did, however, have to cut my time short and head back home early due to the Bomb Cyclone blizzard.)

It was VERY cold up in Maine so I had some indoor down-time to just sit and think about the past year and make a list of some of my hopes, dreams, attitude adjustments 🙂 and plans for 2018.  Some might call these resolutions but whatever they are, I thought I’d share my top 10 with you.  If you feel like it…I’d love to hear from you what you all are hoping for in this New Year.

1.  Plan a trip to Provence.  (Rent one of Sharon & Paul Mronzinksi’s places)

2.  Read Nicole Kraus’s new book, “Forest Dark” (got it as a Christmas present!)

3.  Knit a sweater and gloves for friends

4.  Make paella for friends.  (using my favorite recipe)

5.  Get an Instapot and learn how to use it.  (Want to plan classes at Hammertown Kitchen)

6.  Visit Neue Gallery with lunch at Café Sabarsky

7.  Give up sugar (sorry Jessie Sheehan!)

8.  Design Inspiration –  Renew subscription to World of Interiors and Selvedge magazines

9.  Volunteer

10.  Make soup once a week



Here’s something that will NEVER be on my “bucket list”.  While in Maine, my friend photographer Lynn Karlin photographed some polar bears.  They gather at the edge of the sea in Belfast at the beginning of every new year.  And these “polar bears” aren’t the white furry kind.  Well, they are white but not furry!!


Adult Polar Bears and a cub prepare to enter the frigid water. It was 3 degrees!


and they emerged…and lived to tell the tale 🙂


And, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!