Suggestions for End-of-Year Giving

Everyone has their favorite charities they give to every year and we encourage all of our readers to give what they can.  As we have been doing every year, we like to offer our suggestions for giving to both national and local organizations who  need your help.  We are happy to report that Hammertown with your matching donations, raised $30,000 for Thompson Finch Farm, which has brought them very close to their $1.5 million goal (you can still donate by the way).

This year you’ll notice we’re including Puerto Rico on our list. These American citizens have been treated shamefully by the Trump Administration, and in order to recover, will need help from other sources like the NGO’s listed below.

Be sure to give before January 1st to get your tax deduction for 2017.  Links for donating are provided at the bottom of this post.





Unidos Disaster Relief & Recovery for Puerto Rico

The María: Puerto Rico Real-Time Recovery Fund

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