12 Restaurants Worth Traveling Across the World to Experience–Guess one of them!


From the most coveted destination in Scandinavia to a no-frills, single-dish dining room in Hanoi, these are the places to visit now.

Erin French makes Bloomberg’s restaurant bucket list

It’s the year of The Lost Kitchen and its talented chef, owner Erin French. We couldn’t be happier for our friend. The best part of it is with all the accolades and press, she is the same old dear Erin I got to know 5 years back, at a time when she had lost everything.  Yet, she had the strength and determination to follow her path, although she had no idea where it was taking her.  You can’t help but love this girl!  Go Erin….go!!

Here’s what the experts at Bloomberg had to say about The Lost Kitchen:
In an impossibly scenic setting—a converted New England grist mill accessed via a bridge over a waterfall—chef Erin French has created an incredibly personal experience in a tiny town in coastal Maine called Freedom. The place is open only four days a week, eight months a year, for 40 guests a night. Thousands of people compete for those seats in a simple dining room with wooden plank floors and tables unburdened by cloths. Here’s why: French serves exquisite, simple dishes using local ingredients such as clams for her New England (of course) chowder with homemade saltine crackers and Maine bluefin tuna with the tiniest turnips. To add to the charm, wine is available at a shop downstairs; guests bring it up in wicker baskets. It’s like the ultimate dinner party to which you’re extremely lucky to get an invite.

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Erin and The Lost Kitchen also on
N.P.R.’s “All Things Considered” this month

“Lost Kitchen Restaurant Made Chef’s Small Hometown A Dining Destination”

Chef Erin French, who is self-taught, opened the Lost Kitchen in her hometown of Freedom, Maine. This year, when the restaurant began taking reservations on April 1, it sold out all seatings for the entire year within hours. (NPR)

(FROM N.P.R.) One of America’s most coveted dining experiences is a 40-seat restaurant in a converted grist-mill in the rural village of Freedom, Maine.

Chef Erin French, who is self-taught, opened the Lost Kitchen in her hometown of Freedom without much of a plan. She loved the space, and at first thought she would make English muffins and offer brunch, not convinced that the village of just over 700 people could become a dinner destination.

“When I first decided that I wanted to do this, everyone thought I was completely crazy,” French says. “Why would anyone come all this way to have dinner?”

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