My New Favorite Place in Maine

I know…I know…I can hear some of you saying “Maine…again?  What is it with Joan and Maine?!”

My answer is, no matter how often I go, on every visit I discover something new.  And this trip certainly was no exception.  My friend (and amazing photographer) Lynn Karlin and I went to Vinalhaven yesterday (9/18) and spent the day with my other friends, Paul & Sharon Mrozinski.  They are the owners/proprietors of Marston House and their recent relocation from Wiscassett, ME to Vinalhaven (Marston House Wiscasset is still there with new owners) inspired my trip to the island.  I have to say, after visiting…I think Vinalhaven just might be my new favorite place in Maine.

On the ferry from Rockland heading towards Vinalhaven.

If you want a true Maine island experience, take the ferry over to Vinalhaven from Rockland, Maine.  It’s about an hour-long trip.

Guess who’s having a great time on the ferry?!  I swear, Maine just makes me relax!


When you arrive in Vinalhaven you’re immediately struck by how quaint the island is.  For all intents and purposes, it probably looks not much different than it did in 1950. It’s loaded with spirit, soul, comfort and warmth.  How could I resist?


You can walk from the ferry into town where, among other things, you’ll find the home of famous artist, Robert Indiana, an American artist associated with the pop art movement.


Home of Robert Indiana on Main Street


Hope…and love…we sure need it today!

His “LOVE” print (first created for the Museum of Modern Art’s Christmas card in 1965) was the basis for the 1973 United States Postal Service’s “LOVE” stamp.


My dear friend, Sharon in their new Vinalhaven shop!

I also, of course, visited the new Marston House Vinalhaven.  The shop is filled with extraordinary antique homespun textiles and furnishings from the 18th and 19th century as well as new and old clothing and homewares .


[click photos to enlarge]


Marston House Vinalhaven is open during Spring & Summer months and in the Fall/Winter months, Paul and Sharon close the shop and head to their home and apartments in Provence where they buy more wonderful inventory for their shop.  What a life…right?!

Check out their new Vinalhaven shop and French rentals on their website: This is my year of yes…I’m going there!!


Leaving Vinalhaven 🙁


All photos by photographer extraordinaire, Lynn Karlin (



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