For the Love of Food!

Clearly, we’re more than a little obsessed with food at Hammertown.  So no one should be surprised when I tell you I am simply IN LOVE with this new Italian cookware we just got it in: Ballarini Servin Tavola Minis.  They’re just fabulous so we wanted to make them the star of this week’s “inspiration photo”.  Here’s what Food52 has to say about this cookware:

Mimic—in miniature—your cookware, and set it on your table! Based in Italy, Ballarini makes some of most well-regarded cookware by chefs all over the world. Their tiny aluminum versions are dead ringers for their grown up originals, and they’ll bring several helpings of whimsy to your next dinner party. Imagine each place setting getting its very own little dish of baked eggs, souffle, or a serving of berries. It’s the little things.



Ballarini Servin Tavola Minis are made of aluminum with brass handles.
1. Saucepan ($43) – 4.3″ W (8.25″ W with handle) x 2.25″ H, holds 14 ounces; 2. Frypan ($25) – 5.75″ in diameter (10″ W with handle) x 1.25″ H, holds 10 ounces; 3. Sauté Pan ($31) – 5.75″ in diameter (8.5″ W with handles), holds 10 ounces; and 4. Dutch Oven ($43) – 4.3″ in diameter (6.8″ W with handles) x 3.5″ H and holds 18 ounces.




Unusual Vintage Wire Trivet – $35
(7″x 7″)




Marble Salt Server with Brass Spoon – $15
(3″ x 3″ x 2″-H)




The Turmeric Cookbook – $12.99
One of nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatories contains anti-cancer properties, may be helpful with inflammatory bowel disease, Chrohn’s, rheumatoid arthritis, help with improved liver function, heart health, may help to lower cholesterol and be protective against Alzheimer’s disease. All the health benefits, how to use turmeric and 50 delicious recipes are included in this stunning cookbook.




White Marble Spoon Rest – $20




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