“Spa Up” Your Bathroom!

Details & Pricing Below
(* available online)

Gramercy Cotton and Linen Towels in White or Linen *
Bath Towel – $40 | Hand Towel – $24 | Tip Towel – $13


Vintage Still Life on tin – $125


Tree Shaped Bath Brush –  $45 *
Made from rubberwood and natural boar hair, it’s great for washing, exfoliating, or dry brushing.



Succulent Grey Air Plaint (large) – $30




Cotton Hand-Loomed Ecru Towel wit Navy Stripe – $10



Vintage Ceramic Bowl w/Blue Band – $50



Vintage Rugs $190 to $195



Sea Salt & Lavender Sparkling Bath Tablet – $7 *
This fizzy bath tablet is handmade with the soothing essential oil of lavender, ground dead sea salts, epsom salts, baking soda, non gmo-cornstarch, citric acid and almond oil.




Love That Burns Candle – $19 *
The bitter and the sweet. Lemon rose earth. Give me your love in return, but please don’t leave me with a love that burns. Soy wax candle in recycled glass votive. Hand-crafted in Chicago.



La Nuit (Black Amber & Lavendar) Shea Butter Soap – $9.95 *
The packaging is just as gorgeous as the soap! Amber combined with myrrh, vanilla, and Egyptian musk with French lavender added to sweeten up the mix. Hand-crafted in Seattle in small batches.



Antique “His” and “Her” Shaving Mugs (His: $45 | Her: $50) *
Either of these vintage mugs would make a great toothbrush holder or simply add as a design element to a bathroom shelf. OR “he” can use his as a real shaving mug!




Extra Fragrance Honey Soap – $8.50 *
Made in France, this charming soap is stamped with the traditional French bee. Rich in sweet almond oil, it is nourishing for all skin types and has a wonderful scent.




Wool Sea Sponge – $21 *





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