Snooker Presente!

Snooker Lehman
Photo by Val Shaff

It is with sadness, again, that we report Hammertown has lost one of its family.  Snooker Lehman, Brooke and Gregg’s dog , passed away peacefully this past Wednesday.  Surrounded by family and friends, outside by the rambling brook at The Watershed, we said a sad goodbye to Snooker.

Sixteen-year-old Snooker had a good life. Originally adopted from a pet store by Brooke’s father, she lived her early years on the Upper East Side.  When Snooker’s Dad passed away, she moved with her new mom (Brooke) to the Lower East Side and was the resident dog at the famous bookstore, Bluestockings.  While there Snooker developed quite a loyal following of fans.  She was always well dressed, but was best known for her hooded blacked sweater with a skull on it.

About 8 years ago, Snooker began spending more time in the Hudson Valley.  Here is where she really found her stride and we discovered her love of jazz when she sang with John Coltrane recordings.  She appeared several times here in our blog and expanded her fan base with posts like this from 2009:  Snooker’s Shocking Confession: I want to be the next Susan Boyle”


Her tiny body loved to walk and hike and explore.  She was always very social, very confident and led the life she wanted. She was a tiny dog with tiny legs, but she walked a big life. Our Hammertown family loved her.  Rhonda Cayea called Snooker “an icon”.  Drew (who recently lost his Boston Terrier, Junior) said “Snooker will be chasing sticks with Junior” and Brooke said her “Dad will be happy to see Snooker”.

More from Snooker’s Mom, Brooke Lehman –

After a few years of gradual demise, we put Snooker to sleep yesterday by our stream, after a bacon breakfast and a delicious nap in the sun. From her early days strutting her stuff in Central Park and charming crusty punks at Bluestockings, to her later days frog hunting and turtle cuddling at Watershed, Snook lived the life of a rock star. She sang to Coltrane with enviable soul and obeyed no one when it did not suit her.  She was sweetness to the core with so many friends and lovers (mammal and reptile alike) that I was #50 on her Facebook Fan Page (

Cheers to a class act. We will miss you forever Snoogi-boogs!!!

Snooker singing Coltrane
photo by Val Shaff