Erin French’s new book “The Lost Kitchen” is here!!

It’s here! Erin French’s The Lost Kitchen: Recipes and a good life found in Freedom, Maine has arrived in our stores.  I told our readers years ago she was going to be a star…and I was right!

It is the most beautiful book. Seamlessly moving from memoir to recipes, Erin’s writing is lyrical, intimate, emotional and at times, funny.  The photography (by Nicole Franzen) of her food, her restaurant and her natural surroundings are magnificent and the recipes are so varied…driven and inspired by love for the local ingredients and the people that surround her.

Dana Cowin (former Editor of Food & Wine) says this:  “One of the most magical experiences of my life was dining at Erin French’s Lost Kitchen, a magnificent restaurant in a mill in Freedom, Maine. The food was deeply personal, local and delicious. I am filled with joy at the prospect of re-creating some of the dishes at home from the recipes in this gorgeous cookbook.”

Erin shares some great tips.  For instance, on one page, under the header “TOOLS TO LIVE BY” she sings the praises of the unlikely…

“Fish Spatula – I use this as my all-purpose spatula.  I highly recommend splurging on a nice Swiss-made, wood-handled version.”

But as you go through the book and see that spatula in action in a couple of the photos, you realize you DO NEED ONE! I’m going to have to start carrying them at Hammertown!


Things are going well for Erin and I couldn’t be more proud of her.  Just a few weeks ago, a beautiful short film entitled “Uncharted” (which we shared here on our blog last December) about Erin and The Lost Kitchen received a James Beard Award.  And, the Lost Kitchen was booked for the entire season by April 1st 2017…the same day they started taking reservations!  So, for now, this video may be the next best thing to actually experiencing The Lost Kitchen. 🙂



Most of you know I love Maine, Erin and The Lost Kitchen…and I’m thrilled that she is one of the chapters in my book “Entertaining in the Country”.

from “Entertaining in the Country: Love Where You Eat” Lunch in the Country chapter. (photo by John Gruen)


I am so happy for Erin. No one deserves this success more than she does.