Dutch Babies

Dutch Babies are for those of us who love slightly egg-y, crepe-like pancakes, but aren’t so crazy about the time and energy that it takes to sit by the griddle, frying one after the other, while the kiddies whine and the husband pours himself a bowl of cereal cause he just can’t wait (or is that just my house?).  The Dutch Baby batter is super easy and very fast to put together AND you’ve likely all the ingredients in your cupboard already.  They bake in 15 to 20 minutes – in the oven – no stovetop labor required – and you can flavor them in a variety of ways. Pictured here is how my kids like them: with mini chocolate chips and confectioners’ sugar. But I love them with a sprinkling of granulated sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice.  Check out my original recipe (with more photos) here on my website.