Hammertown Design Services to the Rescue


Early in the summer, I received a call from a friend whose daughter had been in pre-school with mine and had moved into a new home in Southern Connecticut about 5 years ago.  She had been anticipating redesigning her family room for awhile but had put it off after getting a puppy a few years back.  It was finally time to go for it and I went down to consult on the space and make plans.

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A few months later we were ready to install the new space.  After Habitat for Humanity came to retrieve the room’s furnishings, it was prepped and ready for a Hammertown Makeover!

CLEAR THE ROOM!clear-the-room-2

This room provides great before and after pics and they essentially speak for themselves.  I am also including some images of the mood boards and fabric collections we used to help make our final decisions.  Enjoy!


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Hammertown Approachable Design Team
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DRAPERY FABRIC: http://zakandfox.com/textiles/basilica/
PILLOW FABRICS: http://zakandfox.com/textiles/khotan/http://peterfasano.com/fabrics/prints-woodblock-collection/vriksa
ARTWORK:  https://www.karenlesage.com
ALL FURNITURE: http://www.hammertown.com