Berkcirque Circus Camp for Kids!

Berkcirque Circus Camp

by Olive Simpson
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Two weeks ago I got to spend a week at Berkcirque Circus Camp. You may wonder, “What even is circus camp?” Well, circus camp is a fun day camp for kids 7-14, full of the Circus arts like trapeze, stilt walking, clowning, unicycling, feather balancing, plate spinning, silks, and more.

Each day at circus camp is a little different. Sometimes we do silks, (two silk ropes hanging from the ceiling that you can do gymnastics on) and sometimes we do stilts.  Other days we get go on a fifteen-minute walk to the other side of the mountain to go swimming in a lake.

In my personal opinion my favorite activities were stilt walking and trapeze. The nice thing about trapeze is that you can do it quite easily even if you aren’t that strong. There is always someone helping you. The hardest activity for me was unicycling. Even though it may seem like an easy thing it is definitely not! You may think it’s just a bike with one wheel, but no! You can’t lean forward or backward without losing your balance! You have to stay perfectly strait or you will fall! My instructor (Jill) said that to learn to unicycle would take a ten-year-old ten hours. Just saying, I’m not up for that this year!

Another thing you might be wondering is “where is Berkcirque circus camp?” Well, it’s right in downtown Great Barrington. It was so easy for my mom to get to and then she went right to Hammertown to work 🙂

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I really recommend circus camp for kids who like gymnastics, acrobatics, balancing and trying new things. There is a new camp session from August 8-19th with a performance at the end. Give it a try!!!


My mom says you should also know about the other things Berkcirque offers. They host birthday parties and have classes and activities for adults too! They have aerial yoga and workshops in circus arts like juggling and hoop dancing. Check out their website for more information.

Hope you enjoyed my blog post….

Olive Simpson.