INSTAGRAM for Instant Inspiration & Gratification!

Okay…I was a little late to the “Instagram Party” but now that I’ve arrived I can’t believe I waited so long.  Hammertown has an Instagram account (which has many followers) and I have a personal account but I was afraid it would be like Facebook…which for me can take me “down the rabbit hole” and I lose track of time.  Instagram, on the other hand,  is all about visuals and that’s it!    Although Facebook incorporates a lot of visuals as well, Instagram only concentrates on photography.  This makes it much more inviting to me as I’m more of a visual person.  I find Instagram far more inspiring from a design point of few and it makes me want to take better photographs because I know people are being inspired by us.




I limit and curate the people I follow and I encourage Jess and Marie, who do the Hammertown business site to carefully edit and select what we put on Instagram because we want it to inspire you!  So, basically if you love our blog, you should try following us on Instagram.  We keep you in touch in a quick easy fashion.


If you’re not already on Instagram check out this blog Instagram 101 to learn all the basics and start posting pictures!!!


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