Shout Out to Sage Lehman & her LOVE+SAGE Lip Balm

I love LOVE+SAGE Lip Balm which is why we carry it at Hammertown.  And clearly, I’m not alone.  The great reviews keep coming in for our friend, Sage Lehman’s lip balms which are formulated using all natural, non-toxic, plant-based ingredients.  The latest rave is from the very trendy website Hello Giggles (founded by Zooey Deschanel, Molly McAleer and Sophia Rossi).


love sage

Enter Love + Sage. It’s a beauty company that currently sells one thing: Hand-poured, all-natural, super-emollient lip balms that smell and taste perfect, roll on silky smooth, come in slick little tubes, and are essentially The Best. We especially love the “Beach Rose”  version, which is made from UV-ray-protecting shea butter and vanilla essential oils and leaves behind the prettiest pink tint.  READ MORE on…