TAG…you’re IT!


I know…I know…what in the world am I doing telling my customers to go shop SOMEWHERE ELSE?  And a Tag Sale no less!  Yes.. it sounds crazy but I know how much I, personally, LOVE IT.  That “it” being the thrill of the hunt…never really knowing what wonderful treasures and bargains you’re going to find.  I simply want to share it with you…our cherished and loyal customers…because I know you will (or already do) love it too!

As we near Labor Day and the Summer starts winding down, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the still-warm weather as we browse garage/tag sales and estate/moving sales, looking for things we don’t even know we want until we see them!  Or maybe you’re actually looking for something in particular for a place in your home or to add to an existing collection.

So… here are my two most important “trade secret” tips when shopping Tag, Antique & Estate Sales

1) Get there as early as you can to find the best pieces

2) If you see it and you love it…BUY IT!  It might not be there when you return.  And PLEASE be considerate…don’t carry something around while you’re trying to decide.  It isn’t fair to other shoppers or to the person selling the merchandise…they might lose a sale.

Here are links to a few Tag/Estate Sales from our Hammertown Calendar.  This is by no means a complete list of sales in our area but it’s a place to start.  Have fun!


APG’s Annual Summer Tag Sale- Ancram           Antique Estate Sale in Stanfordville

Stissing House Estate Antique Sale

Estate Sale in Washington, CT           Beautiful Estate Sale in Norfolk, CT






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