Shout Out to Patrick Robinson and his new clothing line Paskho

Patrick is a good friend of Hammertown and a very talented designer — 25+ years as a Chief Creative Officer, he transformed multiple iconic brands into profitable global companies in America, Europe, and Asia for Giorgio Armani, Anne Klein, Perry Ellis, Paco Rabanne, Target and Gap.  But he decided it was time for a change and has now launched a new clothing line called Paskho.

“You don’t grow in life by sticking to the secure path. I believe all of us must have the courage to choose what most nourishes our soul, which comes with risk.  For me, that means conquering our fears, which brings new experiences  and often tremendous rewards. I created Paskho for that place, that edge of uncertainty, that leap without a parachute when you’re putting it all on the line.”



Click image above to visit Paskho’s website.


Patrick told me,  “I’m back to doing what I love and making products that have awoken my adventurous spirit.  It is a amazing journey.”

I encourage our readers to have a look at his amazing new clothing line.

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