Shout Out to Hammertown friend & entrepreneur Sage Lehman

Sage Lehman has been a friend of my family for some time now.  We actually followed a home renovation with Sage here on our blog a few years ago, as well as her wedding.  Now we’re re-introducing Sage as an entrepreneur–the creator of a new product line called Love + Sage

A believer in all-natural skin care, she’s been making homemade body care products for friends and family for 15 years.  After a frustrated search for the ideal lip care product, Sage decided to make her own. The lip balms are formulated using all natural, non-toxic, plant-based ingredients. Using a base of shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax, they glide on smooth, stay on, and leave your lips feeling silky and protected.  In fact, last Christmas she gave me a gift of her lip balm and I fell in love with it — so now we’re carrying it at Hammertown!!   It’s also being sold at Shen — a high-end beauty boutique in Brooklyn that features undiscovered, organic lines and exclusive British imports.

Sage’s products are both completely natural and plant-based, yet also have a sleek and modern aesthetic so it’s no wonder she’s already getting such a great response to her products.

We’re proud to be carrying them and we’re proud of Sage!

Click here to read more about Sage and her new company on



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