Shout Out to Hammertown friend, designer Sheila Bridges

Designer (and author) Sheila Bridges’ new Hudson Valley Toile Wallpaper was just featured in the New York Times.

sheila bridges toile nyt Large

Hudson Valley Toile

Many of our readers might also remember Sheila from a booksigning we hosted last year for her book “The Bald Mermaid”.  Sheila has to be one of my favorite designers and this clever hand-screened wallpaper with six vignettes of today’s Hudson Valley, one of which is her take on “American Gothic” (above), illustrates why.

“It’s an ironic, slightly sardonic vision,” said Ms. Bridges, who has owned a house in the area for 20 years. Rip Van Winkle sits drowsily on the highway. Frederic Edwin Church paints a view of the Hudson River cluttered with smokestacks and cellphone towers. And Ms. Bridges’s version of “American Gothic” features two male farmers “who may or may not be married,” she said.  – N.Y. Times

Click here to read the entire New York Times article.

You can order her wallpaper at

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