A Hammertown Shout Out to….Hammertown!

 We just HAD to brag on ourselves this week.

The New York Times

We got a very nice mention in Thursday’s New York Times (in my favorite “Home Section) in a really interesting article entitled “Leaving Home, but Not the Folks”.  It’s about parents who send their kids to boarding schools (like the Hotchkiss School) and buy or rent houses or apartments nearby so they can be close to their children, who are living in dorms.  Coincidentally, one of our loyal Hammertown customers, Kristine Mosheim, just happened to be shopping at The Barn when the author of the piece called asking me if I knew of any such parents; I said “yes…and she’s right here in the store!”  Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Last week, Kristine Mosheim, 47, was shopping for throw pillows at the Hammertown Barn in Pine Plains, N.Y., to spruce up her new rental, a gardener’s cottage on the old Flagler estate in Millbrook that rents for $2,800 from Labor Day through Memorial Day. Ms. Mosheim’s daughter, Megan, is a sophomore at the Millbrook School and the family lives full-time in Miami.


(Hammertown customer) Kristine Mosheim is renting a gardener’s cottage near the Millbrook School in New York, where her daughter is a sophomore. NYT

“Last year I felt like I was commuting so much and still missing out,” said Ms. Mosheim, whose son, now in college, remained at the same day school from kindergarten through 12th grade, a place where she knew every teacher, every parent. “Megan is super-independent and fine with the adjustment of boarding school. It was just us, as parents. She’s our youngest child. She’s a dancer and plays soccer. Last year, she would talk about friends, performances. What was I going to do, fly up?”

[Click here to read the whole article]

Country Living Magazine

We’re also in the October issue of Country Living Magazine. 
A great article about Joan (and photos by John Gruen) in Country Living in which she talks about the art of “downsizing”.  Be sure to pick up a copy of this issue!  Here are a few sneak peek photos of our big spread.



country living october 2014 cover

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